CUPRA Hybrid & Electric Cars Introducing the electrified CUPRA Range Packed with eco-performance technology and showcasing cutting-edge design

Track-worthy CUPRA Hybrid & Electric Range

CUPRA Hybrid & Electric Range

Dynamic styling and clever driving. CUPRA hybrid and electric cars are truly innovative. So, whether you’re searching for a bold family hatchback or sporty SUV, there’s something for everyone.

CUPRA e-HYBRID (PHEV) technology gives you the freedom to roam with its latest electric and combustion coupling. It’s ideal for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of electric cars, as the battery provides ample power for trips around town. Going further, just hit that e-HYBRID mode and seamlessly switch to petrol and electric for longer adventures. Choose from the CUPRA Formentor, Leon or Leon Estate.

Get all the power and performance you need with CUPRA’s electric car (EV) range. These models bring you instant torque and a fun driving experience. Plus, there are no emissions at the tailpipe, saving you money on running costs. Discover the new CUPRA Born.

Clever CUPRA EV tech

CUPRA’s exclusive electric design uses the space traditionally used for the combustion engine to improve the car’s handling. Each wheel is positioned as close to the four corners as possible to give its stance and incredible road control.

Space inside the car is not compromised either with CUPRA’s central battery position. You also enjoy a better driving experience as its position ensures a low centre of gravity.

Real CUPRA performance

CUPRA’s motorsports DNA is at the heart of each of its cars. From style accents to innovative drivetrains, there’s a powerful model packed with CUPRA’s signature road presence suited to everyone.

Smooth driving

Hybrid & Electric CUPRA carsWith no clutch in any of its electric models, drivers experience a seamless and smooth gear change. Plus, extra torque provides instant acceleration for an exhilarating ride.

Relaxing yet exciting

CUPRA Hybrid & Electric Car RangeAlongside its impressive performance, you also enjoy smooth braking and less noise for a refined driving experience.

CUPRA Connect

Stay connected to your car wherever you go with the CUPRA Connect app. Accessible via your smartphone, this app has tons of features to get more out of your car.

Remote charging & recharge schedulesCUPRA Hybrid and electricIt’s easy to schedule times to ensure your CUPRA is ready to go when you are. Plus, this feature prolongs battery health in the long term with perfectly timed charging.

Pre-set cabin climate

Electric & Hybrid CUPRA carsSet the cabin temperature before you head out with remote climate control. Doing this while your car charges also maximises range.

Car location

CUPRA Hybrid and Electric CarsCan’t remember where you parked your car? Locate it quickly and get the fastest walking route at the touch of a button.

Route Planning with real-time traffic

CUPRA Hybrid & Electric

Heading on a road trip? The online navigation system plans your route and gives you real-time traffic updates to avoid any lengthy delays &

CUPRA Connect details local opening times and prices to save you time and money if you need to find the nearest charge points or parking locations.

CUPRA hybrid and electric battery warranty

Enjoy many happy years of motoring with CUPRA’s hybrid and electric battery warranty. All models receive an eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty, whichever comes sooner.

In addition, CUPRA’s 3-year manufacturer’s warranty also covers you from new (T&C’s apply). This guarantees years of exciting driving.

Low running costs

CUPRA Hybrid & ElectricCharging an electric car costs considerably less than filling up a petrol or diesel car. So, you save money on overall running costs whilst producing fewer emissions!

Cheaper tax

CUPRA Hybrid & Electric CarsRoad tax is currently calculated by emissions. Electric cars are fully exempt, whilst hybrid cars pay a reduced rate.

Driving zone exclusions 

CUPRA Hybrid & Electric Car RangeCUPRA hybrid and electric vehicles are exempt from Clean Air Zones across the country, as well as London’s Congestion Charge, LEZ and ULEZ.