The CUPRA Born A new era is born. Full connectivity. Sporty design. From £34,660

The CUPRA Born

100% electric. Unstoppable impulse.

Feel electric, 

With excellent performance, extreme sustainability and incredible innovation. Welcome to the first all electric CUPRA.

Bold vision, powerful batteries, exceptional range. 

The CUPRA Born's exterior styling breaks convention to five it a strong, unique presence, with enhanced torque for powerful acceleration, the CUPRA Born’s batteries allow you to fully experience the thrill of electric driving.

Completely connected. 

Inside the CUPRA Born, you'll find a huge range of cutting edge digital features.

Dynamic inside and out.

The CUPRA Born seamlessly blends sporty performance with style and comfort

Advanced technology

The CUPRA Born offers a smooth drive and utilises some of the latest, cutting-edge car technology.

    BORN V1 Starting from: £34,715
    BORN V2 Starting from: £36,635
    BORN V3 Starting from: £38,390