ŠKODA Kodiaq Size And Dimensions Comparison

Added: 18 January 2017

The new ŠKODA Kodiaq SUV is an impressive all-rounder, it’s well built, practical, offers strong value and great to drive. ŠKODA has finally launched its first SUV one of the most hotly anticipated new cars of 2017, the all new Kodiaq, utilising the Volkswagen group’s MQB platform. It has space for seven people in its stylish and practical body. You may be wondering how much space does the ŠKODA Kodiaq offer, read on to find out about the class leading model.

How does the ŠKODA Kodiaq stack up against rival models in terms of exterior dimensions / size?

The ŠKODA Kodiaq is one of the biggest SUV's in its segment and considerably cheaper than its rivals. The Kodiaq sits on the largest version of the MQB platform, only 1 other car which is not out yet will get as long a wheelbase. It's much larger than its rival the Hyundai Santa Fe and longer and wider than the Nissan X-Trail.

Height - 1,676mm
Length - 4,697mm
Width - 2,097mm

How big is the boot on the ŠKODA Kodiaq and how much storage / luggage will it take?

When it comes to a SUV the boot space is a critical element of choosing your next car whether it be a ŠKODA or something else. You will be glad to know the ŠKODA Kodiaq tops the class in boot space, it has a 270 litre boot, however when you lower the third row of seats you get 720 litres and with the all the seats folder bar the front you get a mind boggling 2,065 litres of storage and luggage space, great for a fishing or mountain biking trip or a trip down to your local DIY store.

Boot space seats folder - 2,065 litres
Boot space seats up - 270 litres

What are the interior dimensions / size of the ŠKODA Kodiaq? 

Inside, the ŠKODA Kodiaq offers ŠKODA's most stylish looking cabin yet featuring a 6.5in touch screen as standard with the option for a optionally 8.0in display. ŠKODA has a reputation for producing cars with large loadspaces and the Kodiaq continues the trend. There is plenty of interior space, more than enough leg room for the rear passengers and the kids or teenagers in the third row.

Interior length - 1,793mm
Cabin width - 1,527mm in the front / 1,510mm in the rear
Cabin height - 1,020mm in the front / 1,014mm in the rear

How much fuel can the ŠKODA Kodiaq take?

Fuel tank - 58-60 litres

What can the ŠKODA Kodiaq tow?

Whether you need to tow a trailer or even a caravan, the Kodiaq can tow between 1,600kg trailers up to 2,200kg depending on the engine size you go for and whether you choose the four wheel drive models. The Kodiaq can have a electrically retraceable towbar fitted plus trailer assist which helps when reversing with a trailer

What's next?

The ŠKODA Kodiaq is available to order now, first deliveries are in April, our launch event is taking place in the beginning of April and there will be a ŠKODA Kodiaq demonstrator available to test drive. We have already taken confirmed orders for the ŠKODA Kodiaq from our loyal ŠKODA customers, the order book doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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