5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Car In 2017

Added: 18 January 2017

This may seem a bit silly when compared with keeping fit or giving up smoking, but think about it, you rely on your car to take your children to school, getting back and forth to work each day along with all the other household chores. So this year why not keep your car in the best condition possible and keep the resale value as high as possible when you do consider changing to a new or approved used car whether that's a SEAT or ŠKODA.

1: Keep the inside of your car spotless

Pick a nice sunny day to get outside and hoover out the floor, mats, seats and don't forget the boot. Wipe down all the dust and other grime on the dashboard, you'll end up with a nice clean car that's ready for any passenger be it a family member, friend or a hot date.
Why don't you keep a small bin in the front with you and empty it every night at home, this will ensure you car stays cleaner longer.

2: Keep your car's fluids topped up and in good shape

During the winter your car's windscreen gets covered in road grime in particular grit, imagine you forget to top up your windscreen washer fluid and your're on the motorway going 70mph with no clear line of sight. Every few weeks simply open the bonnet and check that your windscreen washer fluid, coolant and oil is all at the correct levels, your car will thank you for it as it will extend it's lifetime.

3: Keep your tyres at the correct pressures

This is one of the most forgotten tasks, checking your tyre pressures, by running the correct pressures you will get better MPG and a much smoother ride quality. The last thing you want is a blow out on your journey to work, think of all the agro this will cause, a unhappy boss, a breakdown emergency call out fee. Stay in control of your tyres, keep them at the correct pressures.

4: Listen to your friendly service advisor here at White Dove

A service advisor is not out to take as much money as possible from you, he or she want's to ensure you are in a safe car which has no dangerous hidden faults. There are some bad eggs out there when it comes to car servicing, when you service your car at White Dove in Cardiff, our service advisors and technicians are VW factory trained and have to report the exact details of their comprehensive inspection so you can make a educated choice on whether to get a part replaced.

5: Keep up with your service schedule

Get your car booked in on the relevant service schedules and it will keep you aware of any issues that may be coming, don't think you don't need to get your car serviced, you won't be happy when you get hit by a huge unexpected bill. Getting your car serviced regularly will ensure when it comes to selling your car in the future, that you will get the best price possible.

Keep up with these 5 key points and you should have smooth motoring, if you do have any issues with your car currently simply give us a call, drop us an email or pop down to our Cardiff based SEAT and ŠKODA showrooms and we will be happy to help.

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