How To Make Money From Your Car

Added: 20 January 2017

You've just brought yourself your dream car, you'll agree that everyday motoring can add up quickly when you factor in fuel, insurance, road tax, tyres, maintenance and repair costs.

Expenses can mount up fast, even to a point when you may consider selling your car. Did you know there are ways to make money from your car which can be used to pay for the monthly running costs. Read on to find out how your car can be a money generating machine.

1: Become a casual delivery driver

The growing need for delivery drivers is linked with the fast growing internet trade, becoming a casual courier is a flexible way of using your car and free time to make extra cash. To be a courier you need your own car with a valid MOT, have a good knowledge of your local area, pass a background check and have a valid driving license.
Companies such as Hermes, Yodel and a new comer Amazon Flex, you can sign up as a self employed courier. You can make £15 an hour on average depending on your area and the company you work for*.

2: Ride sharing, think of it like AirBNB for cars

Travel a good distance to work each day? Why not rent out your spare seats to colleagues or even strangers? You will make new friends and lower your cost of motoring as you can have possible 3-4 extra seats which can be used.
In addition to making some extra cash you are doing your bit for the environment, websites like Liftshare and BlaBlaCar make the whole liftsharing process so simply. You can definitely cover your running costs with this, if you make a profit you will need to speak to your insurers*.

3: Become a moving advert

Your car is on the road a lot, it gets parked up in car parks, outside schools and get seen daily. Why not place adverts of your favourite brands on your car in return for a nice monthly fee. All you do is make sure you drive professionally i.e no speeding, pcik a brand and schedule for the advert to be fitted. Then simply drive and enjoy your extra cash.
Websites such as Rollin Ads and CarQuids are a good place to start when becoming a brand ambassador. You can make around £100 a month from this*.

Note - White Dove Garages can not guarantee you will make any money from this.

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