How Much Is My Car / Part Exchange Worth?

Added: 19 January 2017

One of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis is "How much is my car / part exchange worth?",  this is not as straightforward as going onto Google and searching value my car or visiting a website called We Buy Any Car and getting a instant value. Try and sell your car for the figures these websites have quoted you, you will struggle to achieve the figures and it will take a long time.

Pricing your car is never an easy thing to do, in each car model there's usually hundreds of differences ranging from engine size, colour, year of manufacture, factory fitted options, limited edition model, condition of the bodywork and interior, service history, number of owners, all these factors will alter the price. One ŠKODA Fabia will be worth more than another ŠKODA Fabia and one SEAT Leon will be worth more than another SEAT Leon even if they are the same age and have the same specification.

You will find a lot of online car valuation services that you can use, the issue with these is for example a website might state that your car is worth £10,000 on the private market, £9000 as a part exchange for another car. You have to take into consideration if you put your car on the private market you have to pay over £40 every two weeks to advertise on just one of the biggest car classified website, there is more than website you should advertise your car on, your car could take anywhere from one day to over 1 year to sell. You then have to deal with random people calling you anytime during the day, strangers coming to your home, is the money that they give you genuine, these are all factors you have to take into consideration. If your car is worth £10,000 on the private market, but someone can buy it from a dealer for £10,000 on finance for £150 per month, you will find most buyers will go with the dealer option as they can offer finance, you simply can't.

If you part exchange with a dealer, the transaction can often be completed within a day, the cash will be in your bank instantly, you have no worries of taken counterfeit cash and you simply give us your car and drive away in your new or approved used car. There's no need to hire a car whilst you are searching for a new car.

We value your car using a variety of websites and software, we can see over 500,000 cars on AutoTrader, dealer websites, car auctions and on our in house software. The used car market changes very quickly, our valuations are updated daily giving you a realistic idea of what your car is worth.

For the majority of people who want to sell their car, part exchanging with a dealer is the most relaxed and safest option as the transaction can be completed in a day rather thank weeks, months or even years. You can rest assured that the money will be in your bank account the same day.

If you have a car that you want valued, visit any used car on our website whether thats a SEAT or a ŠKODA, you will see a box called Value My Car, enter your registration number and follow the instructions to get your instant valuation

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