SEAT Cambelt and Brake Fluid Offer

White Dove SEAT's new 2 FOR 1 offer on Cambelt Replacement and Brake Fluid Change. Book both from £329.00 inc VAT.

Cambelt Change

Cambelt is an important part of the engine, controlling fuel combustion, engine timing and compression. Following manufacturer recommendations if the Cambelt becomes worn and is NOT replaced, there is then a danger that it may break. If this were to happen, the damage caused to the engine could be extensive, leading to a major and costly repair. When you bring your car in we will not only fit a brand new Cambelt Kit, but also thoroughly check all associated components to ensure your engine runs smoothly.

What happens if a Cambelt breaks..?

  •         Camshafts may break
  •         Possible damage to the con rod and crankshaft
  •         Pistons hit and bend valves
  •         Cylinder head and piston damage
  •         An expensive repair bill
  •         Major damage to your engine and your wallet

Brake Fluid Change

We recommend first replacement at 3 years then every 2 years thereafter. 
Your brakes do more to keep you safe than any other part of your car and regularly refreshing the brake fluid is a key part of this. This prevents moisture build up in the fluid and a spongy feeling to the brake pedal.

To avoid this we’ll carry out the following:

  •  Replace your old brake fluid with approved fluid
  •  Check for any fluid leaks, road test and check operation of brakes
  •  Dispose of the old brake fluid safety in an environmentally friendly way.

Offer ends 28.12.2017

Why Buy From Us?

  • Finance Packages Available
  • Deposit Contributions Available
  • Servicing Plans Available
  • Dedicated Aftersales / Parts Department
  • Huge Range Of Accessories Available
  • Approved SEAT dealer
  • All new cars come with 2 years free roadside assistance & 3 year vehicle warranty
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